What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief presentation of a jewelry
company’s value proposition. The name comes from the amount of time one has to
make a presentation from when an elevator door closes until it opens on the
next floor. Most elevator pitches last from a half minute to a
couple minutes in length. Jewelry marketers should use elevator pitches to better
communicate with customers and to direct suppliers. Merchandising managers can
use elevator pitches to help vendors better understand the value proposition
the company is using to differentiate its inventory offerings. Sales
representatives can use elevator pitches when they are out in public and to
better engage in-store shoppers. Sales representatives will need to develop a series of elevator pitches to meet the needs of different customers. Elevator pitches help speakers deliver a
well-articulated message in a very concise and consistent manner.

Here are 10 tips to developing effective elevator

  1. Be
    Most adults are only going to give a speaker about 10 seconds of
    their time before they make a value judgment if they are going to continue to
    listen. The first one or two sentences must be highly influential on
    recipients. How do customers benefit from buying jewelry from your company? Lack
    of confidence is a big issue for many jewelry buyers. How does your company
    help? How does your company help customers gain the confidence they need to
    make large jewelry purchases?
  2. Be
    Have a hook that draws in the listener and is easy to understand.
    Focus on why people buy jewelry. What motivates your best customers to buy from
  3. Be
    How do your best customers
    describe their perceived benefits derived from owning, wearing, gifting and
    self-gifting your jewelry? Customize a compelling value proposition for each
  4. Be
    Share an example of how the jewelry company is perceived by
    customers as being reliable. The number one reason why people do business with
    companies is reliability.
  5. Be conceptual. Share the sizzle of jewelry,
    but don’t use gemology terms. Romance the jewelry by describing it emotionally.
    Keep it simple and easy to understand.
  6. Be
    Practice the pitch over and over until you can state the pitch while
    thinking of another activity. Practice voice infliction to keep the listeners
    attention and make each pause a cue for the listener to pay special attention.
  7. Be
    Repurpose each elevator pitch into other media ranging from print
    materials to a web site. Nothing sells like a perceived superior value
  8. Be
    Revise the elevator pitch as the company’s competitive edge changes
    and evolves. Be sure to offer a message
    that is very relevant to each specific customer. Target market customers with
    separate elevator pitches.
  9. Be
    Use the elevator pitch to engage a prospect and then be a great
    listener to make the right product presentation for the right reasons. Selling
    is not telling. Use the elevator pitch to draw in shoppers and get them
    involved in trying on jewelry and sharing what will motivate them to buy.
  10. Be open to rewriting. Plan to spend quality time creating a
    series of elevator pitches. Keep rewriting each pitch until it is concise and very simply articulates your superior value proposition.
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