What Will You Get as a Holiday Gift?


On Wednesday morning, I filled up the gas tank in my vehicle for $15.09—regular gas was just $1.73 a gallon at the station where I stopped. But I didn’t’ realize the low price at first, so I was stunned when the pump stopped at just $15 (in the past few months, the cost has been as much as $45); I kept clicking the handle to release more fuel, certain that either I was doing something wrong or that the pump was faulty. When I finally realized that the price was accurate—after turning on my vehicle to watch the gas needle inch up to ‘Full’—I rejoiced in my savings, and, started thinking about extra holiday gifts that I might be able to now splurge on.


After all, savings like this are a reason to celebrate. And where else should I spend my discretionary income but in my own industry—fine jewelry, of course.


That said, I won’t be buying any significant stones, but I do think an extra little pearl or colored gemstone treat is in order. I’ve included some fun options, for anyone, here in this post.


Do you know what gifts you’ll be receiving for the holidays? Alternatively—for those who aren’t nosy or supply husbands with a list of specific items and phone numbers—what jewelry and/or watches have you asked for and why? Please weigh in by way of the comment function.



Royal Bali Designs by Robert Manse, 22.38ct Amethyst Sterling Silver 7-3/4″ Bracelet with 18K Accents for $424.90, available on hsn.com  



1.12ct Sapphire 14K White Gold “Swallow” Pendant with 17″ Chain for $295, available on hsn.com 



14k Choice of White or Yellow Gold Black Diamond Studs (2 cttw) for $239, available on amazon.com 


Tattoo leather and silver earrings for $56, available on etsy.com by seller eninaj



Oval sterling silver ring
and sterling and sardonyx ring, for $14 and $13, respectively, available on etsy.com by seller youandmeandbead