What We’re Shooting Today: Fashion-Forward Gold and Diamond Jewelry

So we’re now on set and as usualand as mentioned yesterdaywe didn’t receive everything we wanted. (One New York City vendor showed me a picture last night of a thick, gemstone-studded bracelet that I thought we were getting today, but when the messenger arrived, it was not in the bag.)

But we still have a variety of great styles, most of them sleek, geometric forms. While our stylist Brooke sorts through cuff options and stud earrings to determine what might look best with the clothes she pulled, I weigh in with my jewelry preferences based on the newest styles at hand and with an eye toward a good balance of firms used. Meanwhile, our photo editor Leah and art director Lance consult on the poses that will make the jewelry pop.

Gold and diamond jewelry on set today

Stylist Brooke Magnaghi considers our jewelry options.

Gold and diamond jewelry on set today

From left, clockwise: Pyramid necklace in 14k gold with diamonds by Phyne by Paige Novick; gold, diamond, and geode cuff by Kimberly McDonald; front-to-back earrings in gold with black and colorless diamonds by United Gemco; cuff in 14k gold with diamonds by Gabriel & Co.; rose gold Raptor ring with diamonds by Lucifer Vir Honestus; and arrow studs in 18k gold by Jennifer Meyer Jewelry

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