WFDB Mark program unveiled at Hong Kong show

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses unveiled its WFDB Mark program during the 24th Hong Kong Jewellery and Watch Fair, which opened today and will run till Saturday.

The program is at the WFDB information booth in Hall 5 of AsiaWorld-Expo, the new exhibition center located next to Hong Kong International Airport. It is one of two venues for the trade fair.

“This is the very first time that the WFDB has an opportunity to present its WFDB Mark program to the wider jewelry trade,” said WFDB President Ernest Blom. “The location of the booth (Hall 5, booth no. A01), at a standalone location close to the entrance of the hall, will allow us to hand out information, and most importantly, explain to people what the WFDB and the WFDB Mark are all about.”

The WFDB Mark is a trademarked logo that approved members of the WFDB’s 26 affiliated diamond exchanges will be able to display to show clients and suppliers that they abide by the World Federation Code of Principles. This code is a set of ethical business practices that individual diamond exchange members are required to follow. It is based on resolutions passed by the WFDB since 1992, all of which relate to the various ethical challenges that the diamond industry has been facing in recent years.