Watch-Buying, By Region: Does Your Customer Fit the Profile?

WP Diamonds, a New York City–based brand specializing in the diamond, jewelry, and watch resale market, recently put together some data that seeks to profile the style and brand proclivities of male watch owners (and shoppers) on both coasts, plus the South and Midwest.

As a result of their findings, the company was able to come up with four different customer archetypes, complete with what each is most likely to spend and the watchmakers he tends to favor.

The data collected was based on the last 1,500 consumer luxury watch purchases made by WP Diamonds; the conclusions presented below are also informed by several decades’ worth of knowledge and expertise amassed by the company’s regional sales directors during their daily work with both consumers and retailers.

Not a scientific study conducted on a global scale or anything, but the insights are compelling just the same.

But surely you know your customers best—do the profiles below align with your own observations and how you consciously, or even subconsciously, market luxury watches to your target clientele? Let us know in the comments.

Northeast Metropolitan man watches“Northeasterners tend to steer toward watches that have a more classic sensibility,” says Tom Pozsgay, director of watches.

Southern gentleman watch preferences“In the South, we often see that bigger is better. Larger faces, larger dials, and heavy bracelet bands are always the most popular,” says regional sales manager Howard Grant.

Midwestern Mountain Man watches“Function tends to win over form in the Midwest,” says regional sales manager Scott Pogofksy, “Watches that are strong, like those with heavy nylon bands are a big draw, as are those with large faces that are easy to glance at quickly.”

West Coast Cool Cat watch preferences“We often see that those on the West Coast are the most adventurous with their watches,” says Pozsgay. “They love bold color and enjoy highly complicated styles. “


(Top: Breitling made the top four brands in every region. Image courtesy of WP Diamonds)



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