Wardrobe Concept #1 Part 2 – Jewelry Styling for the Creatively Challenged

Cynthia: We’ve been talking about developing a jewelry wardrobe that is unique and reflects one’s personality.
Caroline: Yes, we all want to get the most mileage out of our jewelry wardrobes! Combining pieces in a variety of ways is certainly one way to do that.
Cynthia: I think that the ability to mix and match pieces is really a skill that requires some creativity. Creative types (and I include both of us in that category) enjoy the process, but sometimes that can seem difficult or even overwhelming for others. Do you have any suggestions for them?
Caroline:  Getting an outside opinion is a good way to start if you don’t feel up to the task alone. I’m sure you have more suggestions.
Cynthia: I do. As a teenager, I actually learned a great styling secret from one of my cousins. I was always struck with how stylish she was. She could take a jacket, push up the sleeves, and then wear a pin not on the jacket but on the neck portion of the turtleneck underneath. She completely wowed me, especially in knowing how and where to add just the right touch of jewelry. So I asked her how she did it.
Caroline: And what did she say?
Cynthia: Her suggestion was simple:  Read fashion or celebrity magazines and catalogs and tear out photos of “looks” you like, and then simply imitate them! This helps with selecting pieces, combining them, and finding new ways to use them.
Caroline: It’s a good starting point. As we are discussing, jewelry wardrobes should all have a personal, unique look. Using those images as a starting point is great, as long as there is a bit of each individual in there!Cynthia: Exactly! I recall hearing JCK’s own Carrie Soucy give a talk in which she recommended that jewelers stay on top of fashion trends and keep fashion magazines in their stores to use as resources in working with their customers. I think that a jeweler can be a great resource in helping a customer develop a look that is both trendy and unique.

Today’s Jewel
Encourage your customers to keep a “jewelry file” of styles and jewelry that appeal to them and share these ideas with you, their jeweler. Perhaps there’s a way to adapt the look with a new piece or your customer’s current jewelry. It’s also a great way to fish for ideas for the next special occasion when you might be asked “Now, what should I buy her….?”

Also, stay abreast of fashion trends and keep current issues of fashion magazines in your store as a ready reference for your customers. Photos of celebrities wearing styles similar to jewelry you stock can be powerful selling tools. If you personally aren’t into fashion, make certain that one or two of your sales staff are.

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