Want This Now: Jacquie Aiche’s Love Potion Collection

If you’re interested in what could only be classified as the coolest jewelry pretty much ever, Jacquie Aiche is it. It’s foolproof cool: I’ve never seen someone wearing a JA piece not look groovy. Maybe it’s the power of suggestion—I hold the brand in high regard—but nonetheless, I find both it and its clientele (#JATribe) to be collective style magnets. And now with this latest collection, Love Potion, one could quite possibly smell as good as one looks.

Aiche isn’t the first designer to dabble in the creation of portable perfumery, but her signature, free-spirited style does assure this collection stands out—not to mention, each piece is crafted from hand-carved gemstones. A champion of aromatherapy, Aiche’s collection seeks to inspire others to explore the power of scent (in case you’re wondering, the designer fills hers with bergamot, geranium, and lavender oils).

Love Potion bottles are available now in a variety of gemstones—turquoise, garnet, rose quartz, and tiger’s eye calling the attention of yours truly—with prices retailing from $3,190 to $5,940.

Potion bottles in 14k rose gold with rhodochrosite agate and moonstone with diamonds, $1,275 to $3,190

Potion bottle in 14k rose gold with turquoise and diamonds, $3,190

Potion Bottles in 14k rose and yellow gold with rose quartz, carnelian, and diamonds, prices on request

Potion Bottle pendant in 14k yellow gold with tiger’s eye and diamonds, price on request


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