Viral Spiral: Stafford Jewelers’ “Happy Dance”

In the Dayton, Ohio, market, Stafford Jewelers is known not only for their great-looking store and fine inventory, but also for their “Happy Dance” commercials to promote their Christmas diamond-buying sale. The commercials aired first aired a few years ago and they were an instant hit. They have brought store owner John Stafford such great brand recognition that he has organized “Happy Dance” contests in conjunction with local radio partner K-99. (The most recent contest winner earned a trip to Cancun.) The storyline behind the “Happy Dance” commercial is women enjoy receiving a diamond engagement ring from their fiancé who shopped Stafford Jewelers so much that they do the—wait for it—happy dance. And men are so pleased with themselves and their ring-purchasing prowess that they’re prone to happy dancing as well. In terms of going viral, the unique views on YouTube for the men’s and women’s commercials total just over 1,500. And Stafford’s ads are just as well known in the gem and jewelry trade as they are in the Dayton market. See what industry video marketing guru Nick Failla says about Stafford’s “Happy Dance” videos.

Female version:

Male version:

These fun and engaging spots grab a viewer’s attention immediately. In just 30 seconds the ad makes some very important points to potential jewelry buyers:

  • Stafford Jewelers is fun.
  • When it comes to receiving a gift of jewelry, Stafford Jewelers knows what makes a woman so happy she will dance with joy.
  • When it comes to giving a gift of jewelry, Stafford Jewelers knows how to make a man so confident that he has made the right purchase, he will dance with joy.
  • Stafford Jewelers gets it! The “it” being that when purchasing jewelry the happiness it brings to both the giver and receiver of the gift is the most important thing.

Anyone can “sell” jewelry, but why trust just anyone to help you with such an important purchase when you can shop with Stafford Jewelers, who promises everyone involved in this purchase will be dancing for joy.

Stafford’s also does a nice job of promoting their videos to their current audience by posting one on the front page and then dedicating a page of their website to their TV and radio spots. With that said, there are a couple opportunities left open to increase the visibility of both these videos and Stafford Jewelers.

First, it is important to recognize that when you post your video to YouTube you are posting it to a global medium. Keeping this in mind, you want to ensure that potential customers who view your video may want to learn more about you and it should be easy for them to find you. In the “Happy Dance” spots the name Stafford Jewelers is used frequently and so is their logo; however there is no mention of physical or e-mail address. This becomes an issue when you Google Stafford Jewelers and more than one comes up!  This would be a simple but very important fix to make.

Secondly, these videos just scream for Stafford’s to hold a “Happy Dance” contest! Stay tuned, Dancing With the Stars fans. Maybe disco isn’t dead after all.

Nick Failla

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