Viral Spiral: Sonny’s Rocks’ co-owners Michael Nedler and Mark Allen

Sonny’s Rocks’ co-owners Michael Nedler and Mark Allen are
no strangers to an edgy approach to jewelry store management. From an About Us
website section that has G-rated and R-rated versions to their online “Shelf
Life” video that conveys just how durable and everlasting the gift of a diamond
is over, say roses, chocolates, and lingerie. This heated and suggestive video
has received about 500 unique views on YouTube. See what video industry video
marketing guru Nick Failla says about the Denver-based
retailer’s online video.

will, without question, remember this video. It is important, however,
in this instance to know whether potential customers in your market will
remember it as something they enjoyed or something they were offended by. The
risqué nature of this video will generate a buzz in your marketplace and
may just be the shot in the arm you were looking for, or it may turn out to
be an unintended shot in the foot if you’re not careful.

commercial does a great job of suggesting that traditional gifts of chocolate,
lingerie, and flowers may be appreciated but not nearly as much as a gift of
jewelry. It even implies that, while jewelry may be more expensive, it is
a better value because it lasts, thereby providing a logical justification
to spend some extra dough! This is followed by the message that when you give her
a piece of jewelry you will surely get it right. She will be
thrilled! So now the video has provided justification to make a purchase of
jewelry from the emotional aspect as well.

to the nature of this video, you may not be allowed to broadcast
it on certain networks or at certain times. That doesn’t mean you should
automatically shy away from using a spot like this; it just means it will be
important to consider this when planning your broadcast schedule and

“This video is fun, memorable, and provides
your customer with two great reasons to give a gift of jewelry. This gives it the
potential to be a very strong advertisement for you. The question you have
to ask yourself is: Am I, and will my customers be, comfortable
with this spot?”

Nick Failla

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