Viral Spiral: Samuelson’s Diamonds

In early October, Ron Samuelson of Samuelson’s Diamonds created a cartoon video that went viral on YouTube using “cookie
cutter” video technology from Xtranormal. He wrote the script, selected voices,
and plugged them into two cartoon characters that play out a typical retail
diamond-buying experience and voila!, “Blue Nile vs. Local Jeweler”
was born.

Samuelson posted the video on his Ramble On Ron blog as
well as Facebook and Twitter. Many in the industry thoroughly enjoyed the
customer/retailer exchange portrayed in the video, which many retail jewelers
and their diamond vendors have heard many times or heard about on several
occasions since the advent of online diamond and jewelry sales. The video
created a lot of buzz in the industry, but it has received a lot of unique
views on YouTube – more than 3,200 to date.

Although a good percentage of views could be attributed to
interest within the industry, there has been a noticeable interest from outside
the trade. Regardless of where the number of unique views has come from, this
video shows the potential and ease of using a video platform such as Xtranormal
for retailers looking to add to or break in to video marketing. See what
industry video marketing guru Nick Failla says about Samuelson’s “Blue Nile vs Local Jeweler” video:

“’Blue Nile vs Local jeweler’ is a knockout example of a
video that was created using Xtranormal, one of the many powerful creative
tools that is accessible to budding video producers on line. And guess
what; this fun, easy to use, and very popular movie making tool is available to
you for free! 

“An advantage that exists when using an online service like
Xtranormal is that your video will automatically appear as a suggested video to
people who are viewing other Xtranormal videos on YouTube.  This is
because you can and should tag your video as an Xtranormal video when you are
posting it on YouTube. If you have a video that truly has the potential of
becoming viral this can really help accelerate the process. 

“Speaking of tagging your video, don’t forget to tag your
video with popular keywords that you think your target audience will be
searching for.  Obvious choices might include diamonds, jewelry and
engagement rings. However, it is also worth noting that it was a very clever
choice of Samuelson’s to include the name Blue Nile in the name of the video
because when searching for Blue Nile on YouTube, I found that Samuelson’s video
appeared third on the list! 

“Other services you might consider using when creating your
own fun videos include;,, and However, that’s just what’s out there today, no telling
what tomorrow will bring! “

Nick Failla