Viral Spiral: Robbins Brothers

In 2009, Robbins Brothers launched its “Welcome to the Rest
of Your Life” campaign. Couples from all over the country were invited
produce a wedding proposal video for a chance to star in Robbins
Brothers’ TV
commercial that would be the centerpiece of the homespun campaign. The
Bros ‘Lovely Day’ for Marriage Proposals” video is a compilation the
many submitted
real-life marriage proposals that run the gamut, from a fireman on
bended knee
in front of the firehouse surrounded by co-workers to a couple alone in
woods recording the moment by placing a video camera on a tree branch.
Frakenreiter’s song “Lovely Day” serves as a musical backdrop for the
that was uploaded on July 22, 2009. Since that time, the video has
nearly 240,000 unique views. See what video marketing guru Nick Failla
about Robbins Brothers’ “Lovely Day” video.  

“If you aren’t smiling after watching the Robbins Brothers
“Lovely Day” for Marriage Proposals video then we might need to check
to see if your heart is still beating inside your chest. This video
compilation of real-life proposals is heartwarming, fun and just plain
cool. It appears that I’m not alone in these sentiments when you see
this video has nearly a quarter of a million views!

“This video clearly illustrates to the marketplace why
consumers would want to join the Robbins Brothers brand. Clearly they
understand romance, fun, the importance of the moment and are focused on
happy couples get engaged. As a retailer ask yourself the question:
an advertisement like the one created by Robbins Brothers do a better
job of
catching the attention of potential bridal customers than a spot
product and prices?’

“You will never have an engagement ring that suits everyone’s
taste. You will never advertise a price point that fits every customer’s
budget. However, you can speak the language of love and identify with a
much greater audience.”

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