Viral Spiral: David Nygaard Jewelers

There’s nothing worse than digging the hole you’re already
in even deeper with a stream-of-consciousness apology that’s in dire need of an
antidiarrhetic. In this online video created for David Nygaard Fine Jewelers, a
young man finds himself in an unwinnable situation. While watching TV with his
wife during the holiday season, the man suddenly realizes an innocent and
innocuous statement made about something that happened at a recent family gathering
could be construed as a comment on his wife’s weight – worse yet, a left-handed
comparison to the woman’s mother. This video has received about 3,150 unique
views on YouTube.

See what video industry marketing guru Nick Failla, president
of Premier Consulting Group, which works with retail jewelers on developing
video marketing campaigns, says about the Chesapeake, Va., retailer’s online video.

“It’s important for our customers to believe that a retail
jeweler can relate to them and understand their needs. Well, every man I
know has in some shape or form traveled down the unfortunate path of the poor
guy in this video. I can only imagine how many people, both men and women alike,
when watching this lighthearted video cried out, ‘Oh no! He didn’t
just say that!’

“This video lends itself well to becoming viral because
people enjoy sharing things that they relate to that makes them laugh. For
humor to work there has to be an element of truth to it. In this video the
truthful element is that men can sometimes be insensitive to subjects
that their significant other is very sensitive too, as in this instance,
her weight. And that a guy will invariably commit one or both of these sins
during his marriage. 

“But what really makes this video great is that in addition
to its ability to make us laugh in stunned disbelief, is it also promotes
buying a diamond. The video closes with the suggestion that if a man was to
ever find himself in such a predicament, the only way to get back into her good
graces is with the gift of a diamond.

“When you create your next video remember to not only
capture your audience’s attention but also provide them with a reason to
purchase your goods or services.”

Nick Failla

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