Viral Spiral: Camillo’s Fine Jewelry’s Bridal Bungle

Jewelers always talk about fumbling male suitors who require
much hand-holding throughout the engagement ring–buying process. But the man
featured in Camillo’s Fine Jewelry video takes fumbling to new levels. The
clumsy misstep that occurs at the most important moment of this man’s life
drives home a good point: Even the most nervous suitor can pull off a
memorable proposal when the engagement ring he’s presenting speaks for

What’s surprising about the video is its source. Camillo’s
Fine Jewelry is based in Conroe, Texas, a small market by most standards, with
a population of just over 36,000. But the technical minds behind the video—the Austin-based
Makeshift Productions—gave it a big-city quality. Well worth the 300-plus mile round-trip commute!

The video has received more than 2,300 unique views on
YouTube since it was uploaded a few years ago. And a video link is proudly and
prominently displayed on the jeweler’s homepage. Retail jewelers in small
markets should take a page from Camillo’s playbook. Make the extra effort to
find the right production company—even if it isn’t quite in your backyard—to
produce commercials that not only make a big impact in a small market when
aired, but also stand a good chance of going viral online. Here’s what industry
video marketing guru Nick Failla says about the Camillo’s Fine Jewelry video:

“This fun spot assures potential customers that if you
purchase your engagement ring from Camillo’s Fine Jewelry, regardless of the
possible pitfalls you may experience along the path to a marriage proposal, it
will all end up wonderfully. This spot doesn’t mention price, selection,
or even service. They leave those overstated claims to the competition.
Makeshift Productions, the producers of the spot, realized that what potential grooms
want most from a jeweler is to help them make their proposal a smashing

“With that in mind, a nice addition to this viral video
might have been to include the store’s web address at the end of the
spot. Let’s take that even one step further: They might have used a
special URL that directed potential customers directly to a page on their
website that listed features and benefits that are provided by Camillo’s that
help ensure the marriage proposal is a resounding success.

“Camillo’s might also consider including links on their
website to some of the many websites online that are dedicated to providing
people with creative ways to propose. And, just as importantly…how not to
propose. If you search YouTube for videos that illustrate ‘how not to propose,’
it becomes easy to see that when it comes to proposing marriage, some guys really do need some help.”

Nick Failla