Video Keeps Growing with US Online Consumers

Facebook has now pasted Yahoo as the number two site of video downloads by US online video viewers according to VideoMetrix data. In August, Facebook exceeded Yahoo with nearly 60 million viewers and nearly 250 million viewing sessions.  There were a total of nearly 180 million total US online video consumers in August and one in three watched their videos through Facebook. Google dominated the US online video market in August  with nearly 150 million unique viewers which is over 80% of the total market.  What is really interesting is how the average number of minutes per viewer is so much higher for Google. Google averaged nearly 270 minutes per viewer  on average as compared to only 32 minutes per viewer for Yahoo and 21 minutes average per viewer for Facebook.  Consider how each supplier is addressing different market opportunities.

Video really does attract US online consumers with 85% of all online consumers viewing videos online in August.  The average video was just under 5 minutes in length. Only 1% of the total time was spent viewing commercials on video, but commercials accounted for over 10% of the total number of videos viewed. The commercial videos are just much shorter in view time.

Here is a video that incorporates some new media technology including 3D projection mapping:

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