VicenzaOro Owner Italian Exhibition Group to Invest in Venue Renovation

The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), which owns and operates the VicenzaOro trade show, announced today it will invest 35 million euros in the renovation and development of the Vicenza Convention Centre (Fiera di Vicenza) in Vicenza, Italy.

The renovation will cover a total surface area of 26,000 square meters (roughly 85,300 square feet) in Hall 2 of the venue.

The reconstructed Hall 2 will be built on two levels instead of the current five and will be equipped with “functional and sustainable technologies that will allow IEG to host more numerous and more diverse types of events, with particular attention being paid to meeting the needs and development of shows linked to the gold and jewelry industry, and especially VicenzaOro,” according to a press release from IEG.

IEG funded a renovation of Hall 7A, which debuted in 2015. It consisted of adding more functional spaces to the venue and facilitating a physical reorganization of the venue that led to VicenzaOro’s successful “boutique show” formatting.

“The company has projected strong ongoing growth for its products serving high-end jewelry brands, and the fashion jewelry and gemstone sectors, precipitating a need for this latest 35-million-euro investment in the Vicenza Convention Centre,” according to the same statement.

VicenzaOro’s next show, slated for Sept. 22–26 at the venue, will precede the renovation.

Top: Outside the VicenzaOro show (photo by Emili Vesilind)

JCK Magazine Editor