Venus Jewel on IDEX Online Trading Platform

India-based manufacturer Venus Jewel became part of the IDEX Online diamond trading platform on Tuesday.

The IDEX Online trading platform hosts an online diamond inventory valued at more than $3 billion with more than 3,000 buyer requests at any given time, said IDEX Online SA in a statement.

The addition of Venus Jewel as a member means that buyers can now search through an additional 5,000 fully certified diamonds. All of Venus Jewel’s diamonds are graded in house according to the company’s grading policy. 

To ensure that customers can accurately see the results from Venus Jewel’s proprietary grading system (VGS), IDEX Online has added Venus Jewel’s grading results into the search results.

In addition, the Venus grading report has been implemented in the IDEX Online inventory and is now being presented online as part of the search results for any Venus-listed diamonds.

“By adding their stock to the IDEX Online inventory, Venus Jewel are bringing their goods to a wider, global audience,” says Abraham Stern, chief executive officer of IDEX Online SA. “The adaptation of the IDEX Online inventory system to fit in with the Venus grading system is another example of how IDEX Online cooperates with like-minded industry stakeholders that are committed to continuingly introduce innovative value-added services for the benefit of all our trade members”

Anil Shah, partner of Venus Jewel added, “Our detailed Venus Grading System provides to customers the much required transparency and confidence in buying high value solitaires. Coupled with IDEX Online’s extensive global presence and widespread customer base, we believe this combination is positively poised to offer prospective buyers based diversely in small and big strategic locations across the globe, an extremely fast, highly efficient and completely reliable mode of conducting business.”