Vegas ’07 Diary: Last Minute Frenzy and Memorial Day Memories

In a place long ago and far way, I seem to recall Memorial Day being a relaxing holiday. The season’s first trip to the beach, barbecues with friends, even (going WAY back) marching in the parade with my Girl Scout troop. (Yes, I’m wistfully reminiscing about a green beret and matching polyester jumper).

But, as we all know, once you sign on in this industry, Memorial Day weekend means one thing: the countdown to Vegas. Now, there are great things about going to the shows in Sin City. Chipper Jen Heebner keeps pointing out that we have a fun week of events, activities and shows ahead. And, she’s right. This weekend, however, is picture-perfect in New York. And I feel like the last person in the city. Friends have called today regaling tales of baseball games, ocean breezes and fresh lobster.


But, there are consolations. First, I have company (Laura, for example, spent today at the office working and Jen’s been emailing from her home in Philly). And, second, in 24 hours, we’ll be sipping cocktails and seeing old friends and colleagues at the opening reception for the Luxury show. So, I can only say to everyone in a similar pre-Vegas frenzy this weekend: you are not alone. Hang in there because, to quote my cheery colleague, we have a great show and a fun week ahead. See you soon!

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