Use Displays to Communicate Latest Trends

Plan now to use your displays to communicate the latest trends in fashion and colors that are important to the shoppers attracted to your store. Really effective display cases can help shoppers engage in buying decisions and create a more exciting environment. In general, consumers are spending less time in stores so more effective displays are more needed today than ever before. Attractive and inviting displays can extend the amount of time shoppers spend in your store.

How can your displays stop shoppers in their tracks? Create a boutique feel by providing unique design themes for individual display cases. Consider how your displays can use a combination of graphics and fixtures to highlight jewelry. Graphics can very effectively convey emotions and provide a beautiful backdrop for display cases. More jewelers should use lifestyle graphics for wall presentations and to create a background in display cases. Graphics can instantly communicate messages about merchandise and trends. Jewelry stores have wonderful opportunities to share how beautiful their products are through those long horizontal displays that can communicate fashion, design, and style.  Effective visual merchandising and showcasing items requires advanced planning. Creative merchandising is about selling the idea and letting the display sell the product. Use current fashion, accessory and jewelry trends to create more interest in your inventory.

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