Up Close and Personal With Luxury Jewelry House Goshwara

Take a closer look at the colorful world of Goshwara with Filecellia Sampson, client/public relations coordinator for the luxury jeweler with personality!

JCK Marketplace: Briefly, could you give me a history of Goshwara?

Filecellia Sampson: President/designer Sweta Jain started Lush Jewels several years ago, starting out with exclusive pieces. As her market grew, she noticed Lush was fulfilling a void in the market and the brand needed to become a collection-based company. Last year, Jain felt Lush needed to be rebranded, and birthed Goshwara. Currently, Goshwara provides a variety of pieces from production to exclusive. We are a fine jewelry house that specializes in high-end colored stones, set with 18 karat and platinum.

JCK Marketplace: If you could sum up Goshwara in just a few words, which would you choose?

FS: Luxurious colored stone jewelry.

JCK Marketplace: What is your current favorite treasure from Goshwara, and why?

Goshwara Earrings

FS: These tanzanite, rubellite, and diamond earrings are my absolute favorite piece right now. They are exceptionally luxurious and so much fun! They exemplify the beauty of Goshwara and the charm of femininity.

JCK Marketplace: If you could give one piece of advice to retailers, what would it be?

FS: Know your stones! When it comes to colored stones, there is a huge advantage to knowing quality, type, and cost. You can definitely get a client/customer to invest if they know the importance and history behind the product.

JCK Marketplace: And because I have to ask…preferred beverage for happy hour?

FS: From the first episode, Sex and the City stole my heart…so I would have to say, “cosmopolitan, please!” 

To see more of what Goshwara has to offer, take a look at its showroom on JCK Marketplace

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