Unconventional Jewelry Is My New Instagram Obsession

With so much incredible jewelry to see, new-to-you names to discover, and budding trends to glean via Instagram, there’s always something to surprise you. Whether it be an unbelievable gemstone design or jewelry created with materials you never thought possible (or at least, never thought of), being stunned by the creativity of the world is a feeling we should probably all be accustomed to.

Speaking of the latter finding—unconventional materials and styles of jewelry—I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, and I can’t get up.

This is not your fine jewelry comprising high-carat gemstones and diamonds. We don’t judge it for its spectacular use of precious metals or its rarity of materials. But what is jewelry at its core if not art, made to adorn and express one’s tastes and sense of individuality? I’m not sure how pieces like these would play with fine diamonds, but I know I’m enjoying the heck out of looking at them.

It started when I got an email about the 2019 Etsy Design Awards—#TheEtsies (how cute is that?). Finalists range in creations from home goods to fashion, with a jewelry category featuring some very interesting entrants. There is a swimming pool necklace. Yeah, you read that correctly. It’s a necklace that features a miniature model of a swimming pool. Where would someone wear this? I don’t know. But it brought me such a sense of joy and stirred my imagination.


Via: @tinyscenic

That company, called Tiny Scenic, out of the U.K., offers a whole range of adorable, whimsical things like this—“A miniature scenic town of artful statement jewelry,” says its profile.


Via: @woodsofwonder

So then, of course, I started wondering what else was out there in this vein. I stumbled upon polymer clay jewelry and adornments made from ceramic (oh my gosh, I’m now obsessed with these tiny treasures), crocheted goods, tiny painting, and wood (you should note that the Etsy awards spotlights a number of lovely fine jewelry items, too).


Via: @ms_birdie


Via: @tinysupply

I’m not saying everyone needs to run out and stock their stores with unconventional jewelry right this moment (I’m not saying not not to do it, either). But what a cool thing it would be to partner with one of these local artists to host a trunk show in your store (particularly if your store harbors an artist’s vibe). If that isn’t your vibe, you can at least enjoy the view.


Via: @willowworksstudio

Naturally, if you want to explore more like this, Instagram will have what you’re looking for. These are some of the ones that made me smile the biggest.

Via: @smallwildshop

Via: @scrumptiousdoodle

Top image via: @lithopsstudio

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