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Twitter To Implement New Paid Tweet Feature


Twitter has some changes in the works for its popular app that cater to a community of creators hoping to be paid directly through the platform.

Super Follows, which is what Twitter is calling its new payment feature, will give users the ability to charge their followers for access to additional content; think bonus tweets, community groups, newsletter subscriptions, or support badges—things that would provide value to interested parties.

These paid features have proved successful on other apps: Patreon, a membership platform offering subscription services in exchange for content, is a prime example. But other apps like Facebook and YouTube have them in place too, enabling direct payment to creators who hope to make some extra income from their contributions.

This new Twitter feature could be useful to the jewelry industry in a number of ways. For established organizations, it could be a way to offer bonus content—online workshops, valuable tutorials, extensive walk-throughs. I think that, for accounts with strong followings and customer trust, there’s a chance that their followers would be interested in paying for valuable content.

Twitter hasn’t yet announced what its fee to use Super Follows will be, but it’s to be assumed that the platform will take a cut of a creator’s earnings.

In addition to this recent announcement, Twitter revealed that it will also offer a new feature called Communities that looks to be the platform’s take on something like Facebook Groups. It works as you’d imagine: People create or join groups based on similar interests, allowing them to see more content and Tweets concerning those interests. Again, this is great for the jewelry industry—a well-rounded group of jewelry-related interests, however niche, can help users discover new brands, business partners, and friends.

Twitter has not yet announced a timeline for the release of feature; it reportedly listed them as “what’s next” during a presentation for its analysts and investors. But, as is typical with new features, we can likely expect the platform to roll them out in test mode, so stay tuned for more updates on when they will be available to you.

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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