Twitter and Retail

Right when you thought customers could not be inundated with more marketing messages Twitter makes a breakthrough. Now one in three online customers follow five or more retailers/products on Twitter. Two out of three Twitter users report being influenced to make purchases due to product information delivered through Twitter. These retail feeds are being perceived as very influential by many consumers. The key is to offer relevant information because shoppers will opt out if the messages are not perceived as helpful and informative. Most retailers are using Twitter to inform customers about sales and special promotions.

Do your key customers follow you on Twitter? Permission marketing is about asking for permission to send relevant information to customers. Customers are inundated with too many unsolicited offerings today so it is very important to ask for permission to send them information. It is equally important to offer “relevant” information. Consumers find information from retailers relevant when it is of interest to them and informs or educates them. When customers do not find marketing messages to be relevant they opt out.

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