Twenty-Four Karat Club Admits Marcee Feinberg

Marcee Feinberg, vice president, Marketing for Lazare Kaplan Intl. Inc., has been inducted as a member of the Twenty-Four Karat Club of the City of New York.

Founded in 1902, the club has a maximum of 200 members from all the sectors of the manufacturing and wholesale jewelry industry. Until 1989, the club consisted of only men and currently only 13 members are female.

“I am honored to join such a distinguished group of my peers,” Feinberg said. “The Twenty-Four Karat Club is one of the most well-respected organizations in our industry and I am proud to be given the opportunity to fulfill The Club’s agenda to foster the quality of relationships in our industry.”

Recently, the American Gem Society conferred upon Feinberg the designation, American Gem Society Fellow and in August she was presented with the Women’s Jewelry Association Award for Excellence in Marketing and Communications.

“Marcee has been a key factor in the success of Lazare Kaplan  and is known as the face of LKI to the industry,” said Charles Rosario, senior vice president, Lazare Kaplan. “Any organization would be lucky to have her on their team.”

Lazare Kaplan sells its diamonds and jewelry products through a worldwide distribution network. The company is noted for its ideal cut diamonds that it markets internationally under the brand name, The Lazare Diamond.