#tucsongemshow: Creative Colored Stone Window Displays at Nafco AGTA #816

Cocktails and jewelry events go hand in hand, but imagine the surprise (and delight) of AGTA show attendees when they are able to witness the bold and efficient coupling of both in the window displays at Nafco.


The gemstone seller and jewelry maker known for its unheated orange sapphires pairs colorful bottles of liquor with complimentary colors of gemstones and barware. For example, ruby jewelry adorns a bottle of Campari and nautical themes (starfish) punctuate a display case containing rum, while a high-proof parade of airline-size bottles of booze are adorned with gemstone pendants, creating an effect similar to proud Olympic medalists preening at an awards ceremony.

img_2187_sm.jpg  img_2189_sm.jpg

img_2191_sm.jpg  img_2192_sm.jpg

img_2193_sm.jpg  Nafco

Nafco  Nafco

Nafco  Nafco

The only thing more fascinating than the creativity of these displays is the fact that the liquor levels in some of the bottles are already noticeably depleted (by day two of the show). Will more liquid vanish daily as staff kicks back at the day’s end booth breakdown? Perhaps that’s why there are glasses in the cases. Whatever the inspiration, stop by and ask Stephanie Naftule in AGTA booth #816 for a nip.

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