True Confessions: An Editor’s Romance with H. Stern

I’m often asked why certain companies get so much press, and others get so little. The fashion team here has addressed some of those reasons in earlier posts (like the need to submit good quality, high resolution photography, for starters). But, sometimes, it is simply that a company connects with us. Like a romance, you can’t help but fall for someone who is just always saying the right things.

For me, that company is H. Stern. I admit, I give them a lot of attention. I can’t help it. If another company would step up, they’d get just as much coverage. But frankly, it’s like wanting to go to dinner with someone bright and charming over someone dull and tedious. I mean, really, who can blame me?

So, H. Stern, why do I love thee? Let me count the reasons:

  • Your staff is always available, with a smile no less, to provide photos or product, on a day’s, an hour’s, or a moment’s notice.
  • Your jewelry is simply stunning: original, wearable, sensual, comfortable, and beautiful.
  • You push the limits of being a “jeweler” and try exciting new ventures (your spa/jewelry store in Brazil, for example).
  • You understand, appreciate and celebrate design, and bring fresh perspective thanks to innovative partnerships (DVF, Frederic Fekkai, and a new project in conjunction with students at the Pratt Institute).
  • You throw fun parties, stage interesting events to promote jewelry, and (despite your high profile brand) refuse to get full of yourselves–from the highest executive to the lowliest assistant (Not naming any names but, oh, how many brands would do well to take a lesson in graciousness and simple manners from H. Stern).

So, yes, H. Stern gets a heck of a lot of my (and other editors’) attention. Why? Because this is a company that “gets it”, and is down to earth, adventuresome, fun and interesting. Is it any wonder I’m smitten?