Triple Play: Delicate Pendants on a Trio of Staggered Length Chains

Statement necklaces have been big, both literally and figuratively, over the last several seasons – so much so that a simple delicate pendant necklace can appear underwhelming on all but the most petite wearer. One way to wear a treasured pendant but to ramp up the look is to wear multiple pendant necklaces together. Three pendants worn on staggered short, medium and long chains is a popular and aesthetically pleasing approach favored by stylists.   


In the June 2010 issue of Marie Claire magazine, model and singer Karen Elson is pictured in a marvelous photograph that depicts a trio of pendant necklaces in motion as she strides: from short to long:  a circular pendant necklace by Ginette NY, a square necklace by Leslie Greene, and a locket also by Leslie Greene. The circle-square-circle combination has a nice cadence.

The May 2010 issue of Marie Claire showed triple pendants with two very different looks. The first is with a jacket and shorts, the jacket shown without a blouse and the shorts very short. The long necklace that falls into the model’s cleavage is by Pyrrha; the medium necklace is by Pamela Love, and the short initial “B” pendant is identified only as the model’s own.

The second look from the May issue is a slouchy pantsuit by Louis Vuitton. In this photo the short initial pendant is the model’s; the other two necklaces are by Pyrrha. 

Lucky magazine also repeats the look of triple necklaces, using the style on two sequential covers. On the June 2010 cover, Katy Perry is shown wearing a short 14 karat gold and black diamond necklace from, plus gold-plated and crystal necklaces in medium and long lengths by Rachel Leigh.

The May 2010 cover of Lucky took a slightly different approach. Hilary Duff is shown wearing three necklaces with more central detail rather than simple pendants. The short necklace is 18 karat gold by Ninh Wysocan; the medium necklace by L. Frank is ostrich eggshell and a gold bead on what appears to be a leather cord; and the long necklace is 18 karat gold beads strung on a leather cord by L. Frank.

The Lucky magazine covers also provide excellent examples of how to combine current trends. With her trio of necklaces, Hilary Duff wears large hoop earrings of 14 karat gold with pave diamonds by Alexa Garner Sidaris Fine Jewelry, an earrings trend I discussed in my May 16 post. With her trio of pendant necklaces, Katy Perry wears button-style short earrings, a trend I wrote about last week in my June 16 post. These cover looks are on trend yet subtle, and provide styling ideas that work for just about every woman.

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