Trent West Protects its TrewTungsten Patents

Trent West said he has successfully protected his patents for his company’s TrewTungsten Permanently Polished Bands.

The Watsonville, Calif.-based manufacturer of tungsten carbide rings said it has it settled its litigation against Benchmark and Jewelry Innovations on Oct. 1. “Both manufacturers have paid significant damages in return for licenses to continue to service the independent jeweler,” West said in a statement.

Benchmark and Jewelry Innovations join Frederick Goldman, Inc. as the only authorized sellers of tungsten carbide rings under seven valid and registered patent numbers, Trent West said.

Trent West added that it is currently in litigation to protect its patents (6,062,045, 6,553,667, 6,990,736, 6,928,734, 6,993,842, 7,032,314, and 7,076,972) against the following wholesalers and retailers: 

Crown Ring, Inc., JCPenney, Western Stone & Metal D/B/A Shane, Northstar/Diamond Magnum, A. Jamais, Rogers Jewelers, and Samuel’s Jewelers.” 

“We continue to hear from many of you that some wholesalers claim to have product that does not violate our 7 registered and valid patents,” West said in the statement “To our knowledge, the patents I own cover all tungsten carbide rings on the market.  Retailers who violate our patents are subject to damages despite the written assurance of wholesalers.”

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