Trend Watch: Tie Clips Back on Track

Designers are prodding men to add a bit of style to their looks with jewelry, and a current jeans ad campaign provides a great example. I recently wrote about Armani’s resurrection of the stick pin as an adornment for men’s jacket lapels. Now DKNY has been inspired by another retro jewelry choice for men.



The young man in the DKNY Jeans ad is wearing a short-sleeved, close-fitting shirt and tie accessorized with a wristwatch and a tie clip. This despite the fact the company’s web site sells shirts, tee shirts and sweaters, but no ties and no men’s jewelry other than watches.  


With a return to more conservative dress in many workplaces, as the days of dressing casually by anyone serious about keeping a job are over, ties are back in a big way. The tie clip serves double duty in adding a bit of style and in keeping the tie in place.


Notice the insouciant manner in which the tie clip is worn askew. No doubt adopting a cutting edge but very much retro look requires a bit of attitude.