Trend Watch: The Super Bowl & Men’s Jewelry

I enjoyed the exciting Super Bowl game yesterday. Watching the game on NBC and the much-anticipated commercials accompanying the game, it struck me that the programming validated the fact that men’s jewelry and watches are as relevant and popular as ever.


NBC’s wonderful graphics as the motif for the game lavishly showcased the designs of past diamond-encrusted Super Bowl rings. In a way, this approach was reminiscent of the use of the diamond tiara as the symbol of the Miss Universe contest, or gold, silver and bronze medals as symbols of the Olympics. Super Bowl rings have been designed for the players on the winning team every year since the first Super Bowl in 1967. These rings are spectacular pieces of jewelry. 



Although the big three auto makers in the United States did not air commercials during the game, which are notorious for their cost, in this, the year of the “Recession Bowl,” the viewers saw two commercials that focused on jewelry, and again, it was men’s jewelry. Carlos Boozer, a gold medal winning Olympics basketball player, explained that his heavy link necklace and bracelet were “bling bling” to inquiring children in an ad showing him shopping for jewelry and watches on Ed McMahon as spokesman for was depicted parting with some old gold cufflinks along with his gold hip replacement (wink, wink) to obtain cash.


And the halftime show culminated with Bruce Springsteen singing “Glory Days” and gesturing repeatedly to his wristwatch as he sings “time slips away.”  


In the world of the Super Bowl, the economy has not put a damper on an appreciation for men’s jewelry.

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