Trend Watch: Studs Are on the Radar

Just a quick follow-up this day after Thanksgiving Black Friday. Lest the advice from Harper’s Bazaar I passed along to you earlier this week regarding What’s Out give you any concern that stud earrings have somehow disappeared off the fashion radar this season, here is a beautiful confirmation that they have not:



This photograph is from the December 2008 issue of Glamour magazine, versions of which photo appear not once but twice in the magazine, both at the front index and in the feature article, “The lazy girl’s guide to throwing a holiday party: From what to make to what to wear to how to do your hair!”. 


Given the elaborate profusion of sequins and spangles at the neckline of the model’s dress, diamond studs (yes, those are the genuine item, credited to DeBeers) are the perfect complement. Chandeliers with that dress? Not without a risk of looking like the holiday party’s Christmas tree.


“Really, get decked out!” urges Glamour in the text that appears on the same page with the second appearance of the diamond studs. And then, sadly, the magazine breaks the festive mood with this added commentary: “Break out those gems or that special dress (the stuff that spends 364 days a year in your jewelry box or in the dry cleaning bag).


Gasp! I’m hard-pressed to think that anyone would hide diamond studs in a jewelry box 364 days a year. I have to believe the comment was meant as general advice applicable to the evening-only style earrings pictured in the other photos accompanying the article.


And quite beyond that, everyone knows that you should never store clothing in plastic dry cleaning bags. That is definitely, to use Glamour’s own language, a Don’t!

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