Trend Watch: Ring-a-Bling Bling

Some trends last so long and are so pervasive that they supersede status as trends and become a hallmark fashion of the year, or even of an era.


The enormous rings that have been favored by red carpet celebrities for countless seasons now seem to have acquired signature status for this first decade of the 21st Century.


The November 2007 issue of InStyle magazine has another spread of sparklers “of near jawbreaking proportions” adorning the fingers of beautiful and well-known tastemakers – Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes.


Each of them is wearing a ring large enough to be noticed across a room. But of course, these ladies are dressing to be noticed. (Quick quiz – what personality style does this “Look at Me” style reflect? The answer is at the bottom of today’s blog.)


All the rings seem to be encrusted with diamonds, three of them surrounding or adorning a large center gemstone. Ms. Diaz is wearing a Van Cleef & Arpels Between-the-Fingers Lotus Ring, which wraps around her pinky and ring finger. Ms. Klum is wearing a huge flower ring by Lorraine Schwartz. 


[Photo from November 2007 InStyle magazine.]


Notice the scale of the detail in these pieces. The Diaz, Zeta-Jones and Lopez selections feature relatively small-scale detail, which makes the rings seem a bit lighter, whereas the Mendes and Klum choices overall have a larger scale feel because of the size of the dark center stone and the size of the flower petals respectively. Klum’s ring is massive, extending the width of almost three fingers. 


On which hand should your customer wear the bling?


The first three ladies endorse the idea of a right-hand ring, whereas Ms. Diaz and Ms. Mendes wear their baubles on the left hand but, and this is important, keeping the ring finger bare (just in case anyone is wondering about their marital status). Klum and Mendes are wearing their oversize rings on the middle finger.


Who can wear these giant rings?


Anyone – anyone at all. The only physical consideration is the ring size, but, as we’ve seen over the last few seasons, wearing the ring on any finger at all, from the pinky to the index finger, is perfectly acceptable. 


It really all comes down to personality. The woman who wears one of these huge rings is bound to attract attention. So, as you may have guessed, the answer to quick quiz question is Alluring! How can these rings be anything but?

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