Trend Watch: Powerful Pieces Beyond the Costumes

Recently I wrote about the tendency of some stylists to take an elegant wrapped Grecian dress and turn it into a costume with the addition of accessories (gladiator sandals and coin jewelry) that harkened back to ancient times. By playing on the original source of the design inspiration, the ensemble became so identifiable to an iconic style of dress that it would work as a Halloween costume. Just add a wreath of lotus leaves.

[Photos from Elle magazine. Spider web cuffs pictured above by Stephen Webster.]

Another trend (or is it a fad?) sweeping design circles is that of the comic book super hero. In its July 2008 issue, Elle magazine presents a spread of “galactic structures” under the heading “Super Heroes” on one page, and on another exclaims: “Comic Relief: Save the day in the season’s baddest bionic shoes and bat clutches.” 



Indeed. Whether accompanied by a “Zap!” or “ Pow!” inscribed wool jersey dress by Lisa Perry, a comic strip printed tee by Peter Jensen that would be perfect for Tracy Turnblad’s father at the Hardy Har Hut in “Hairspray,” or something a bit more conservatively classic in appearance, the spider web designs of Stephen Webster and Wonder Woman cuffs being proffered by any number of current designers speak to personalities larger than life. Some of the bold necklaces that are fashionable today are almost large enough to serve as breastplates.


Dressing in costume is a wonderful way to have a bit of fun and overcome the doldrums. Even without the costume, a statement piece of jewelry can be powerful stuff. 

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