Trend Watch: Pile On the Necklaces

The tendency to pile on the jewelry has migrated from wrists to necks. Utilizing what appears to be an alternative to this season’s popular statement necklace, several highly photographed celebrities have been seen sporting a notable number of necklaces.


“Don’t Wear Just One!” admonishes People magazine in its July 28, 2008 issue. If you’ve got “tons of necklaces just sitting in a jewelry box,” “[g]ive them all a night out by accessorizing a simple dress with lots of strands.”


At least the pictured celebs got the simple dress part right, in neutral shades of black or taupe. In fact—gasp—Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing satin shoes that appear to match her dress. (Is there a matchy-matchy trend looming on the horizon?)


There is an art to combining jewelry but sadly, not every celebrity photographed has a grasp of any principles of unity in creating a look.


Two of the celebs pictured in People are actually wearing what appears to be single complex pieces by Tom Binns, who creates interesting combinations of pearls and metal design elements. It might be possible to create a similar look wearing a combination of separate necklaces if the lengths and proportions are correct.



 [Left, Ginnifer Goodwin wearing Tom Binns necklace; right, Blake Lively]

Two of the celebs pictured are wearing multiple pieces from one designer. Blake Lively wears something like nine strands from Margo Morrison New York, and the strands, while large in number, have a sense of unity of design.


Beyonce wears a combination of what appears to be five unrelated Chanel designs, the longest of which necklaces even extends past her huge double-C Chanel buckle belt. Wasn’t it Coco Chanel who suggested that, before going out, one should remove one piece of jewelry?


       [Left, Beyonce; right, Sarah Jessica Parker]


Sarah Jessica Parker wears three necklaces of completely unrelated design elements from two designers, Fred Leighton and Erickson Beamon, in a combination of multiple very long gold chains and medium length round beads with spacers, topped off with a statement necklace of chunky elements. The pieces sit in concentric ovals over her bodice. Any one of the three necklaces would have been attractive on its own.


A beautiful necklace deserves its moment in the sun (or the spotlight). At the moment, however, it appears that necklaces are going for best ensemble casting.

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