Trend Watch: Petite Floral Prints and Baubles in a Riot of Color for Spring

Along with the lush cabbage roses and bold abstract florals you will find filling clothing retailers’ wardrobe racks with bursts of color this season, a daintier version of floral prints is a charming alternative.


The March 2008 issue of Vogue magazine features a two-page spread of what the magazine terms “Liberty prints,” “Liberty” being the name of a venerable London department store famous for its prints in fabrics. Notice that, by and large, the prints being featured are not muted. The colors are saturated and vibrant.


Although the colors are rich, the scale of the prints is small. The woman who can best wear these dainty prints has small to average facial features – that is to say, she does not have huge eyes, a large nose and a generous mouth. The small print is most in harmony with small features. This does not require that the woman have a small body size. She can be tall or full-figured and have delicate facial features.


The look is that of a riot of color, and Vogue suggests that jewelry continue this theme, saying: “The prints are delicate, so the proportions of your jewelry—preferably mosaic floral cuffs and charms—should be similar.” The terminology isn’t quite as precise as I’d like, but the point is that the detail of the jewelry should be delicate. 



The overall scale of the jewelry should relate to the woman wearing it. The magazine is not suggesting the wearing of teeny-tiny pendants on nearly invisible chains here. Among the jewelry pictured are a large Fred Leighton cuff bracelet featuring a floral mosaic, and a model wearing a pair of good-sized brooches once again featuring fine detail. I love the pairing of mosaics and micromosaics with the Liberty prints, but I think that jewelry detailed with bright colored gemstones works would work beautifully, too.


One side note: Observe the placement of the two brooches. They are pinned to an area of the jacket so as to work with the color blocks of the garments. This placement of brooches at the bustline, as pictured, would not work well for a woman with an average or large bust. For that woman, the brooches should be placed a bit higher on the bodice. 


To complement the fashion trend of petite floral prints, antique and estate jewels may provide an excellent resource for that perfect one-of-a-kind treasure containing the saturated busts of color and fine detail a fashion-savvy customer may be seeking.