Trend Watch: Over the Outerwear, Part 2

New styles of wearing jewelry are well worth elaborating upon in discussion, as they provide new ideas for adornment that may translate into new opportunities for helping your customers look cutting-edge chic.


I previously shared with you a styling from a Neiman Marcus catalog and the text from an article in the October 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar touting this fresh idea of jewelry worn with coats. Lest you think that the one Burberry Prorsum photo I posted back on October 6 is a fluke, let me share with you several additional images of this creative wearing of necklaces.


The first photo, from the November 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, shows a short shiny coat worn with a short necklace and a pair of bracelets, all by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere. In adopting this short necklace style, it is critical that the necklace lays properly over the collar of the coat, as shown here:



The second photo, from a catalog mailing for an upscale shopping mall, shows a beautiful textured and layered taupe coat accented with the long necklace I previously showed you, both by Burberry. The proportions and style of the necklace with this particular coat are exquisite, in my opinion. Here’s one example when wearing both the clothing and the jewelry from the designer pays chic dividends: 



Burberry goes beyond necklaces, too. Notice the following image culled from a Burberry ad, showing what appears to be a dark punk-style necklace along with a couple of chunky bracelets worn with three-quarter length trench coat sleeves and wrist-length gloves: 



Burberry is running another current ad showcasing a bracelet-style watch worn over the wrist of a long knit glove: 



While these looks aren’t recommended for wearing in the most inclement weather, adding a bit of adornment to the workhorse wardrobe staples of coats and gloves makes wearing them on cool days quite a bit more interesting.