Trend Watch: Multiple Bracelets

One of the most significant trends of 2007 is multiple bracelets. With designers showing bracelet-length sleeves in dresses, even in coats, and the return of gloves, particularly long gloves, as a fashion accessory, a primary focus is the wrists.


An often-noted example is Anne Hathaway at the 2007 Academy Awards wearing on one arm three diamond bracelets of diverse designs with her black and white gown. 


[Photo from by Steve Granitz of WireImage.]


The greater the expanse of arm covered by the bracelets, and the denser the design of the bracelets, the more the physical characteristics of the wearer are a consideration. Open-work designs, such as Ms. Hathaway’s choices, allow for glimpses of the line of the arm and therefore are not as limiting as to whom they flatter.


The person who can best wear several dense bracelets or a large number of bracelets has a long, slender expense of lower arm with relatively little curve to the silhouette of that portion of the arm. In other words, relatively straight arms work better than arms that are muscled or curvy and that taper to the wrist.


For example, one wide cuff looked lovely on Queen Latifah, but because of the shape of her arms, too many bracelets would have interrupted the graceful lines.


[Photo from by Fitzroy Barrett of Landov.]

A lower arm with variation to its width will be hidden by the bracelets and can tend to look short and stubby. For the customer with a shapely lower arm, hiding less of her arm will be more flattering than wearing a wide stack of bangles or wide cuffs. Adapt the multiple bracelets look for this customer by offering her a selection of thin bracelets that work together.


Bracelets are also being seen worn in matched pairs or in greater numbers on both wrists. For example, Nicole Kidman wore a pair of wide diamond cuffs to the 2007 Academy Awards. 


[Photo from; credit GAAS_AFF_INF.]


Although pairs of cuff bracelets have been a signature look for various fashionistas, including the legendary Diana Vreeland of Vogue magazine, the effect of strong bracelets can be to bring attention to approximately the level of the wearer’s thighs when her arms are at her side. If she has a triangular or pear-shaped body, she may not want a visually strong horizontal line at that level.


Here’s a great case for making certain that the customer sees the effect of her choices of jewelry in your full-length mirror.


To accommodate the fashion of wearing bracelets over gloves, now is a good time to include in your inventory to carry some bracelets of longer than standard length. Your customers with large wrists will appreciate these pieces long after the trend has played out.


Show your customers that wearing multiple bracelets together is an interesting stylistic option. You might expand the versatility and wow factor of your customers’ jewelry wardrobes.