Trend Watch: Men’s Watches on Women’s Wrists

Androgyny is once again recycling through the fashion world this summer, picking up on trends that have become familiar as seen sported on the young Hollywood set. The fashion spread “One of the Boys” in the April 2009 issue of Marie Claire provides extensive examples of this look.


More appropriate to the Millennial generation than to Baby Boomers, the clothes are beyond playful – Marie Claire reports that “Modern menswear riffs are all about the naughty mix: checked shirts with mini bow ties, too-cool-for-school blazers with trouser shorts.” Too cool for school, indeed. It is hard to find much in the way of clothing style inspiration that a woman over the age of 20 can take from the photo spread.


The exception with a wider range of potential is in the accessories. I’m not a fan of the porkpie hats, although I think the vintage bow tie with dangling miniature picture frame by Marquis & Camus is quite fun. An interesting brooch pinned to a collar could be a stylish stand-in.  



One fresh idea is the manner in which wristwatches are being worn. The watches pictured in the article are oversize men’s watches by Jacques Lemans, Timex, Armitron and Michael Kors. They are worn not fitted to the wrist, but rather as if they are large bangle bracelets high up on the arm or barely avoiding slipping over a young woman’s small-boned hand. 



Here’s an excellent example of a fashion trend that can help you sell more jewelry, by taking an existing category of your inventory and making it relevant as a style-maker for an entirely new subset of your customers.

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