Trend Watch: Head Scarves & Proportions

Like them or not, they’re back: head scarves. They seem to be a throwback to the hippie-influenced looks that have resurfaced this spring. They always remind me of Mary Tyler Moore’s (or should I say Mary Richards’s) friend Rhoda Morgenstern (played by Valerie Harper) on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” in the 1970’s.


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Head scarves still represent a bit of insouciance, a creative vibe, and more than a touch of attitude. They’re fun, they’re casual, and they address the issue of what to wear on a bad hair day.


They’re not the best look for everyone, however, as they visually shorten and widen the face. Looking at the following photos from of Eva Longoria, Nichole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan, I’d say that two of the three are not flattered by the look. (Ms. Lohan’s high neckline makes a bad look worse.) It does help, however, that all of these women have fairly long necks that help balance the look.


What happens with visually shortening the face is that it shifts the optimal length of necklaces to a shorter length as well, using the principle of the first balance point. As you’ll see, none of these women are wearing long or extra long necklaces that are so much in style this season. Instead, their necklace choices are appropriately shorter and less prominent. The scarves and the huge sunglasses command attention. Any jewelry needs to take a back seat.


Narrow hoop earrings (even reasonably large ones) and fine pendant necklaces are both good choices to complement this retro look.