Trend Watch: Have a Bangle with That Wristwatch

I was delighted to see, in the October 2007 issue of Glamour magazine, an article that might calm fears that electronic gadgets have made wristwatches passé.


The magazine suggests that a reader might spice up her timepiece by layering it with a bangle bracelet or two. Glamour suggests that the bangle match the metal on the watch or its strap. 

[Photo by Chris Stein.]


Here’s a wonderful opportunity to help every customer who wears a wristwatch develop her jewelry wardrobe. Most watches require battery replacement, and the opportunity to focus on a watch with the customer is an optimal time for the customer to consider adding a bracelet to the mix.


Although the bracelet might be as wide as the watch band or strap, I think the look works best when then bracelet is narrower than the watch.


One issue you may encounter is the customer with a large hand who may not be able to slip a bangle bracelet on and off easily. For those customers, a thin link-style bracelet is a lovely alternative (and my personal preference).


Adding a bracelet is a great way to update any wristwatch, small or large, daytime or evening style. This is a style suggestion that works for all your fashion-savvy customers.

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