Trend Watch: Disheveled, Bejeweled Hair

For the upcoming holiday season, much of the attention is going to be on woman’s crowning glory, her hair, according to the December 2008 issue of Marie Claire magazine, which reports: “Holiday is all about glam accessories for deliberately disheveled hair.”


Among the recommended adornments are crystal studded headbands, bejeweled barrettes and hair clips, and elaborate combs. Notice the comb pinned next to a narrow scarf running through the hair in the following photo. The comb could just as easily be an interesting brooch. 



The headband worn tiara-style in the following photo could just as easily be a real tiara, or perhaps a wide choker or bracelet pinned into the hair.


The hair should look undone for a modern look, reports the magazine, quoting Matrix’s Mark Townsend. He suggests adding texture to the hair with a curling iron in order to present the accessories from looking “too prissy.”


Looking at the photos in the magazine article, you’ll notice no earrings or necklaces on the models, although most of the dresses are of satin-like fabrics with sheen, and have interesting detail at the necklines, such as ruffles or asymmetry, providing quite a sufficient amount of adornment near the face when combined with the hair accessories. “Earrings would be overkill!” exclaims the magazine.  


For a chic, cutting edge look this season, a woman can choose either bejeweled hair adornments for her updo and go without earrings, or wear elaborate earrings as seen at the recent Primetime Emmy Awards. In either case, adding bejeweled adornment to her holiday style is part of what will make the holidays festive.

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