Trend Watch: Charming Ways to Take One’s Time

Back in February, I tore the “Update Your Look” page out of Harper’s Bazaar magazine for my style file, quite enchanted by the latest accoutrement to Hermes’ famous Birkin bag. It’s a pocket watch encased in leather customized to match the bag of one’s choice. The case is attached to a leather cord that attaches to the bag via a simple loop of the cord. What a charming idea! 



The April 2008 issue of In Style magazine shows that I’m not the only one to find this fresh take on timepieces, well, charming. Michael Kors, DKNY and Coach have all come out with costume or bridge line bracelets that include timekeeping watch charms. As In Style notes, this new hybrid “works equally well” with jeans, business apparel, “or a slightly dressier outfit for evening.” 



Charm bracelets work well for women of all sizes, shapes and ages and just about all style personalities (except perhaps the quintessential dramatic personality), provided, of course, that the bracelet is of an appropriate length (not too short or too long for the wrist on which it is being worn).


A watch charm, all on its own, might be added not only to a bracelet, but also to a necklace or as an accessory to a handbag. What a great gift idea!


If you’re considering tapping into this trend of fresh ways to wear timepieces, don’t overlook antique pocket watches. I enjoy adorning my business wear with my antique gold pocket watch, which I wear suspended from a brooch of matching gold. Antique pocket watches also look beautiful worn on matching chains. If you have men’s pocket watches in stock, consider their potential as an adornment for your female customers as well, giving your fashion-savvy customers yet another way for them to take their time.

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