Trend Watch: Adorning Abstract Art Apparel

I’m often inspired by the advertising emails I receive from the high-end retail stores. Bergdorf Goodman provides some of my favorite offerings from top fashion designers.


This week the offerings were all about abstract designs, using seriously eye-catching splashes of color and purposeful shapes that take the concept of apparel and elevate it to the level of artwork.


As artwork, this clothing calls for adornment that complements and doesn’t distract from the inherent message of the design. These garments are meant to be considered and savored, and the last thing they need is fussy jewelry that competes with the underlying concept of the clothing.


   [Dress by Rachel Roy featured at Bergdorf Goodman]

How, then, best to adorn this style of clothing? Surprisingly, although the clothing is undeniably creative, it’s probably not the Creative personality style of jewelry that best complements abstract art. The Creative style may be tempted to add on another layer (or two, or more) of quirkiness and, in the process, may lose the message of the art inherent in the apparel.


Instead, think of the Dramatic personality style, which understands the power of making a memorable first impression. A minimal number of bold, chunky pieces of jewelry, like one stand-out cuff, an enormous solitaire gemstone, or dramatic earrings that pick up on the shapes or colors of the apparel, can be the perfect complement.


The woman who likes this style of clothing and the bold jewelry that complements it is likely to prefer to wear the Dramatic style for most occasions, because this style inherently calls for a high level of self-confidence, the kind of confidence she naturally flaunts. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry, she might well choose to adopt it as her signature piece, because it epitomizes the powerful message she seeks to convey.


While the Dramatic personality may find clothing this season that speaks to her inner artist, this trend too will pass. But she is sure to turn again and again to powerful jewelry to announce to the world who she is.

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