Trend Spotting: Stars

Meet fashion’s newest star. Worn clustered like a night sky or solo for a graphic burst, these shiny brights are sure to make a point. Traditional adherents like Chanel and Tiffany continue to twinkle while H.Stern has the market cornered. Check out some of these updated takes that will have you seeing stars.


Vincent van Gogh

The Starry Night


  • Manon von Gerkan’s star earrings dangle on hoops, in 14k yellow gold with a little sparkle of diamond, at Twist

    Photo via Twist
  • Chanel’s Comètes collection bursts with a constellation of stellar options
  • Melissa Joy Manning’s large 14k yellow gold Star Hoops show their curves, at Barneys Co-Op
  • Dana*David cluster their appeal with Icon, Rock Star, and Twist versions from the Graffiti White collection

    Photo via Dana*David

  • The simple graphic of Arena CPH’s Elsie Star necklace in 18k gold plate on a slender box-link chain tells ‘em who’s star, at Saks
  • Tiffany’s stars multi drop pendant has shooting effect from its platinum tassel
  • H.Stern’s Stars collection was inspired by a 1900s Victorian tiara. Neiman Marcus offers an 18k Noble gold ring that entraps the iconic starburst in amethyst.
         Photo via Neiman Marcus

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