Top Jewelry News: Week of Oct. 15

A roundup of JCK‘s top stories from the past week:

National Internet Sales Tax Bill Introduced in House
A new bill that would require Internet companies collect sales tax was introduced in the House of Representatives Oct. 14.

Only Richest Consumers Spending More This Holiday
Only the most affluent customers plan to spend more this holiday, a new survey says—a sign jewelers should concentrate on high-end items this season.

Federal Trade Commission to Revise Jewelry Guides
The Federal Trade Commission plans to revise the widely used and consulted Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries in 2012, the agency announced.

J.C. Penney Buys Liz Claiborne, Monet
J. C. Penney is acquiring the worldwide rights for the Liz Claiborne brand as well as the U.S. rights to jewelry brand Monet.

Man Robs Jewelry Store While on Trial for Another Crime
A man has been accused of robbing a jewelry store during the lunch break of his trial for another crime.

From the blogs:

Style 360: Leila Tai Shenkin on Teaching and Loving Design
The FIT instructor and JCK Rock Star advisor wonders if her guidance really made a different in the lives of her student-contestants.

Cutting Remarks: Does De Beers Want to be the Industry’s “Leader” Again?
De Beers’ new CEO, Philippe Mellier, is shaping up as a quite interesting character.

Retail Details: Boulder, Colo., Jeweler Rocks with Pearls
In the prime square footage to the right of the front door is Walters & Hogsett’s pearl jewelry displays.

Style 360: Six Pieces of Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and jewelry designers are doing their part to fund research through sales of ‘pink’ designs.

Cutting Remarks: AMC Developing Diamond Drama?
AMC, which airs hits like
Mad Men and Breaking Bad, is reportedly again developing a drama about diamond traders.

Memo to Merchandisers: Where Are Your Customers Employed?
It is important for jewelry store owners and managers to know where they can expect to find their newest customers.

Jewelry Fashion Files: Sweet Suites of Jewelry & Fashions: The Exciting Return of Matchy-Matchy
When both a fashion icon and the host of a major red carpet awards event choose to wear to that event something that hasn’t been seen much—indeed, something that breaks a long-standing fashion “rule”–it’s time to take note.

Jewelry Sales Secrets: What Are They Listening to?
There was a time when, as a customer service, salespeople were encouraged to wear the headsets as a means to increase the level of service given to customers. I wonder if the entire concept has backfired.

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