Top Jewelry Moments From 2017’s Fashion Runways

Fashion’s splashy international runways served up several memorable jewelry moments in 2017. Who could forget Prada’s banana charm necklaces? Or the massive, fruit-filled bibs—a joyous homage to the diamante glamour of ’50s costume jewelry—at Marc Jacobs’ spring 2018 show?

But it was often the less-flashy jewels that captivated the most this year—pieces including the delicate body chains at Jill Stuart’s spring 2018 show, which encased models’ torsos, and Prada’s whimsical cowrie shell necklaces, which reminded us how elegant nonprecious jewelry materials can be.

Here are my top five favorite jewelry moments from 2017’s runways.


(Image: @giorgioarmani)

Giorgio Armani Fall 2017
A collar necklace fabricated with loops of colorful cord, brooches the size of iPhones (the big ones), and enough earrings to comprise an entire personal wardrobe—all oversized and in various geometric configurations, colors, and transparencies. The “wow” jewelry moments at Giorgio Armani’s ultraglamorous Milan runway show just kept coming.


Marc Jacobs jewelry 2017
Image courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Spring 2018
Models walked in oversized suits and coats in eye-popping colors, their hair wrapped up in tall, shimmery turbans. Fanny packs the size of standard handbags swung from a few narrow waists. The jewelry was as outré as the apparel. Chandelier earrings hung below models’ shoulders. Bib-style necklaces comprised of colorful enameled flowers, critters, and fruits covered clavicles. And brilliant brooches that looked like they’d been plucked from grandma’s jewel box were affixed to a few of the turbans.


Prada cowrie shell necklace
(Image: @corathomasdesign)

Prada Fall 2017
When’s the last time you wore—or, more pressingly—sold a seashell necklace? Prada’s use of the kind of necklaces we picked up on the boardwalk as kids for its fall runway was likely not signaling the return of cowrie shell to high fashion (but, you know, don’t count it out). Still, the mixed-shell pieces were undeniably charming.


Isabel Marant Fall 2017 earrings.jpg
(Image: @isabelmarant; also at top)

Isabel Marant Fall 2017
The French designer took her love of fringe to the ears when supermodel Gigi Hadid closed Marant’s Fall 2017 runway presentation wearing a pair of bejeweled, silver-toned ear climbers that cascaded in strands nearly down to her shoulders.


(Image courtesy of Lady Grey Jewelry)

Jill Stuart Spring 2018
NYC’s Lady Grey Jewelry created a collection of handmade gold wire and box-chain pieces, a few of which encased the bodice. The delicate, yellow gold–toned pieces included wiry headbands (which looked absolutely regal in their simplicity); an arm cuff anchored by chain to bangles sitting lower on the arm; double-strand wire necklaces; and the pièce de résistance: a piece worn on the chest that effectively outlined the shape of a classic bustier on the models.

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