Todd Snyder Revives Timex’s 1970s Peanuts Watches

Scanning the press release that landed in my inbox for the reissued Timex Peanuts watch collection from Todd Snyder transported me back to childhood. Specifically to the back seat of my parent’s boatlike Buick Century in the early 1980s.

I must have been six or seven, sandwiched between a stoic older brother and a wiggly younger one as we barreled down the Washington, D.C., beltway. We never wore seat belts, and the car’s shocks were either terrible or nonexistent, so the three of us caught a few inches of air every time my mom roared over a speed bump or across a pothole.

All four windows were rolled completely down—because it was Virginia in the summertime, so hotter than a solar flare outside, and the air-conditioning had fizzled out the summer before.

On my wrist, I remember vividly, was a very prized possession: my black-and-white Snoopy Timex watch—the one that froze the iconic cartoon dog’s thumping little legs in mid–happy dance, the canine’s revolving arms outstretched in a friendly way.

I can’t remember who gave me the watch or when I lost it (must have been shortly after). But I do remember that although it centered on a kid’s cartoon character, wearing the watch—an accessory I perceived as very adult—made me feel grown-up and taught me to tell time like a champ (still can!).

So I’m thrilled to see that New York City brand Todd Snyder has reissued my beloved watch from childhood with the original artwork intact, retooled for adults. The timepiece is one in four styles the brand’s revived: A second Snoopy, a Linus, and a Charlie Brown, all from the original Timex Peanuts collection, have also returned.

Timex x Peanuts watch Linus
Timex x Peanuts by Todd Snyder Linus watch, $158

The collection was made for kids in the 1970s, but Snyder’s revived them specifically for men—supersizing the stainless steel bezels and upgrading the tiny straps to quality leather. All four Timex x Peanuts by Todd Snyder styles retail for $158.

“I’ve been a huge Peanuts fan since I was a kid,” Snyder said in a prepared statement. “It was my favorite cartoon going back to the days when I used to read it in the paper, and I loved the holiday specials. When I came across some original [styles in] the Timex archive, they brought a smile to my face, and I immediately wanted to create an updated, upgraded version to bring some of that fun and lightheartedness to modern men’s style.”

Top: Timex x Peanuts by Todd Snyder Snoopy watch, $158 (all photos courtesy of Todd Snyder)

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