Tiffany Sues Soundalike Sites

Tiffany & Co. filed suit against a group of
soundalike sites it alleges carry phony Tiffany items. 

Defendants Ge Wang, King Wang, Ning Zhou, as well as
numerous John Does, are charged with founding sites with names like,,,, and
dozens of others, which the company claims carry “counterfeit goods.” 

The goods are  “sold
under the Tiffany Marks” and “virtually identical in appearance to Tiffany’s genuine
goods,” the suit charges, but “are likely inferior in quality.”

“The Defendants’ activities are likely to cause confusion in
the trade and among the general public as to at least the origin or sponsorship
of their Counterfeit Goods,” the suit says. 

The suit says the defendants “are individuals and/or
business entities of unknown makeup who likely reside in the People’s Republic
of China.”

The complaint, filed Dec. 20, alleges trademark
counterfeiting and infringement, false designation of origin, and cyberpiracy. It
asks the defendants be enjoined from operating their sites.

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