Tiffany & Co.’s Note to Trump Sparks Public Support, Outrage

At 8 a.m. Tuesday, Tiffany & Co. posted a note written expressly for Donald Trump on its Facebook page.

It reads, “Dear President Trump, We’re still in for bold climate action. Please keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement. The disaster of climate change is too real, and the threat to our planet and to our children is too great.”

The avalanche of comments—ranging from seething to supportive—began stacking up immediately. There were at press time close to 600 comments (and at least a dozen one-on-one arguments) running underneath the post.

“Tiffany, please keep your political opinions out of my retail choices,” wrote one commenter, “ice ages and dust bowls and oceans rising have cyclically happened before.”

Another gushed, “YAY TIFFANY!!! So many large companies with tens of millions of dollars don’t have the guts to take a stand, but you do….I did not think I could love you guys more than I already do, but here I am.”

Yet another stated, “You just lost a very dedicated customer. I have spent a small fortune in your stores, but my shadow shall never again darken the doorstep of your establishment.”

“Thank you for doing the right thing,” wrote another. “Astrophysicists and NASA agree that climate change is real. And so does anybody with half a brain.”

The post may have shocked some fans of the brand, but Tiffany’s been dedicated to causes including the environment and responsible mining for decades.

In 2014 The New York Times reported that Michael J. Kowalski, who retired as Tiffany’s CEO and chairman in 2015 but was brought back as interim CEO in February 2017 after Frederic Patrick Cumenal resigned, had plans to become an environmental activist in his retirement.

In 2002, he spearheaded the decision to stop selling coral and later protested a proposed gold and copper mine that would have decimated the largest sockeye salmon run in the world in Bristol Bay, Alaska. (The company even took out full page ads to congratulate the E.P.A. on its efforts there.)

“Tiffany & Co. has always been a part of the political makeup of our country since they opened,” one Facebook commenter correctly noted. “Consumerism, women’s rights especially, globalism, responsible mining, the list goes on and on…Read their history. It is an amazing one, and keeps me loyal to the brand.”

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26 responses to “Tiffany & Co.’s Note to Trump Sparks Public Support, Outrage”

  1. I greatly commend Tiffany & Company for taking a stance on the issue of climate change. I wish more companies would decide to foster humanity rather than personal gain.

    • Good for you, and good for Tiffany’s. I feel like running out and buying something from them right now!

    • Unfortunately the evidence is in and taking human emissions out of the question does not have us on this path according to historical data. A very thorough very independent study back in the 80’s has proven such by removing all other contributors to the increase in CO2. Nothing else is close. It predicted the 1 degree increase by 2010 and another degree by 2050. The 2 degrees which seem subtle offer a far greater risk then meets the eye. It could mean relatively nothing but allows for more extreme weather events at the high risk end. So on the day to day we see what we have. But extreme weather could be significantly worse. Longer stronger storms. If I can find the the report again I will share. I sat on the fence on this until I no longer can. The risk is not worth the debate. Worse investing in renewable energies is only a hardship to the oil industry should they not take the lead. But economically it’s a wash for the country. If we have complaints about the economy it is hidden much deeper in our dependence on a market (investment driven) economy. This is a lot of energy spent on helping those who spend no energy get richer. But I suspect a conversation for another day. And Tiffany will not be likely to share my opinion there.

    • My guess is you haven’t bothered to even read the science…There is wide SCIENTIFIC consensus that the expected doubling of CO2 is believed to lead to warming between 1.5 and 4.5 degrees celsius. What percentage of that is mankind-derived is up for debate, although scientists know that a broad array of human industrial activity produces a carbon effect that indisputably adds to warming – though it is, granted, debatable just by how much. In any case, small fluctuations in average global temperature can be expected to – in terms of conservative – again scientific – projections – have enormous impacts unless we humans mitigate our climate warming activities. Denial is extremely dangerous when it comes to this issue. Coastal cities everywhere are seriously threatened by even small increments of rising sea levels. In the case of Trump & Co., denial is less a debate about science but how drastic the actions must be to mitigate the effects. I appreciate anyone who advocates for directing attention to this reality and wanting to do something about it. Problem is, we need more than words. Tiffany needs to put some money or action behind their words if they want to be taken seriously as members of the corporate community who are serious about addressing climate change.

      • Yadayadayada…then the money quote as it were; put up or shut up T&CO!

        How right you are; like many in our biz Tiffany is not doing well in the past few years in terms of return to shareholders; if they do decide to throw company money at pet political projects of its management, we’ll see how that is received by their employers (investors).

        And yet if they use issues that some hold dear in a crass publicity grab, they expose themselves as hypocrites and ultimately alienate not just half but all of the customer base.

        It’s a no-win when anyone blindly jumps on a bandwagon trying to appear concerned and responsible, implying that any who don’t are not, when in fact it is the methodology of dealing with the concerns over such “debatable” initiatives that is at issue, abdicating decision-making to third party committees who have expected America to pick up the check for everybody every time.

        These days thousands of vendors can and do sell jewelry of equal quality to Tiffany’s. What they have -all they have- is their “brand”. Who do you know who knows more about brand than probably anyone on earth? That’s correct, Donald Trump. Tiffany would do well to remember that before blindly impugning him and his abilities and motives when his example is to be carefully considered and emulated rather than derided to salve some hired partisan political personal preferences. And for a company so dependent on its “sterling” reputation to risk tarnishing it by doing so it could be lethal.

        • Hi, if I can jump in, you can agree or disagree with Tiffany’s stand, or whether this was the right move for the company. But I don’t see anything in this note impugning the President or his motives. It was very polite, as one would expect a Tiffany note to be, and asked him to make a specific policy decision, which he is still reportedly undecided on. I’m sure other brands might take a more aggressive tone, but that certainly wouldn’t work for Tiffany.

          • Thank you Rob, obviously as moderator of this forum you have the right to interject at any time, and to me your opinion is always welcome.

            Yes, Tiffany’s words are gentle, but to me are disingenuous virtue signaling to advance simplistic partisan politics. My point is that this may gain them some support from those who are like-minded but will serve to alienate others. Bad business as I’m sure their long-suffering shareholders would agree.

  2. Not only is Daffy going against 98% of the scientific evidence, but he is beginning a process to destroy our Parks and National Monuments. Tiffany deserves high praise for taking a stand on this issue.

    • The brainwashed continue the brainwashing. Please stop repeating quotes you heard on the “fake news” channel you watch. You don’t have a list of all the evidence to prove 98% supports anything and neither does the person who first said that overly-repeated quote. There was a time when 98% of the “scientific evidence” said the world was flat. There are no facts that man is causing any climate change or that’s man’s money will fix it. You can burn your paycheck donating to a con-mans cause, I prefer to keep mine.

  3. So glad someone pointed out how long Mike and Tiffany & Co. have been at this! It’s a reflection of our poisoned political atmosphere that Tiffany used to create ads like this and get far less reaction — and the reaction it did receive back then was usually praise.

  4. I support that totally. I sell jewelry and engagement rings that will last a lifetime, and be passed to other générations. It is just logical to want this next generation to be busy buying jewelry themselves too instead of dealing with huge climate jeopardy. Keep your chin up Tiffany, you do the right thing and your best clients know it.

  5. I am in the jewelry industry in a much smaller scale than you Tiffany & Co. Just hope that you are doing your part in keeping our planet safe from all the beauty we dig out of it to make jewelry. I love your brand and respect it immensely but you can do greater good without this type of controversy. Your clients will follow any other climate change initiative through your brand and perfect products.

  6. “You just lost a very dedicated customer. I have spent a small fortune in your stores, but my shadow shall never again darken the doorstep of your establishment.” Glad the dark shadow will not go back in their store…. hope he stays away from yours and mine too. I like love and light in my business

      • temptation was quoting and ridiculing a facebook comment, apparently unaware that commenter speaks for a large portion of the buying public when they say they will withhold their patronage…wonder how the stockholders of the business feel about that?

  7. Many thanks to JCK for publishing this story. Tiffany continues to stand for ethics in jewelry making and for climate change awareness. That’s a good thing.

  8. Typical attention and p.r. hustle masquerading as virtue signaling…not unlike know-nothing celebrities. Difference in their case is they are actively and stupidly alienating half of their customer base. Tell ya what T&Co., you stick to cranking out $20 sterling trinkets priced at $200 and leave America’s international policy decisions up to the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. (Dang I love the way that sounds 🙂 )

  9. Nice to see a large corporation taking a stand on a issue knowing in the long run, it’s good for business on a global scale. I applaud them. I feel the politicians have made this a political cause in our country, not Tiffany’s and others who see it’s global, life, economy issue. Regardless of what could be causing problems for our climate, more countries need to help find ways to curb our use that’s impacting it along with natural causes.

  10. Any business or political actions should consider how the actions can affect the biggest stakeholders, the public.
    What good for everyone if one day, the “free air” and “free water” we need to breath every single second are contaminated and life is end?
    Then who rents Trump’s towel or luxury resources? The Luxury resources are the one so simple and cheap at the life end: air and water!

  11. Good for them. It’s a pity more corporate heads don’t have the courage to say the right things. And losing a few half-wit customers is probably a good thing

  12. Thank God we finally have a President who will put an end to the bilking of America, and Tiffany for putting an end to the bilking of its shareholders in the name of fake science, fake news, and virtue-signaling twits who enabled it all.

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