The Versatility of a Simple Bangle Bracelet

Versatility is a feature that adds immeasurably to the perceived value of an item. Many styles of jewelry are wonderfully versatile. For example, among other ideas I’ve discussed in my blog:

  • Using brooches or other jewelry as hair adornment.  

  • Wrapping a necklace around the wrist to wear as a multi-strand bracelet.

  • Using earrings as brooches (seen again recently at the Sex and the City 2 movie premiere in London, where Sarah Jessica Parker attached a pair of earrings to a length of ribbon to create an adornment for an upper arm).

A bangle bracelet hardly seems a candidate for multi-tasking. And yet, from the June 2010 issue of Elle magazine comes a fresh idea for the use of a simple, narrow bangle bracelet:  Attach the bangle to the ends of a belt and wear it front and center. The bracelet serves as an eye-catching round frame for the wearer’s belly button. If you especially like your innie or outie, here’s a way to make it a conversation piece.

The model in the photo is wearing a Prada ensemble with a bare midriff and a brass belt by Maison Martin Margiela that is styled with a narrow sterling silver bracelet by David Yurman. It is not clear how the bracelet is attached to the belt. This particular belt does not currently appear on the Maison Martin Margiela web site. If you’re interested, further research will be required.

What a great idea for utilizing a bangle bracelet that is too small to slip over one’s hand. A child’s bangle bracelet would produce a similar effect. Key is that the bangle is narrow enough to attach to the ends of the belt. Also critical is that the bangle’s edge that faces out is in perfect condition – not banged up, as can easily happen to an often-worn and well-loved bracelet.

Think beyond metal too – for example, a circle of natural hardwood or even a Bakelite bangle or one of another type of plastic might make an interesting centerpiece to a stylish belt.

Nothing says that the belt/bangle combination must be worn over bare skin, of course. But when it is, this is a look that may cause a resurgence of navel gazing.

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