The Trade’s Getting a Lawsuit Settlement for Christmas!

The De Beers anti-trust settlement claim forms will be mailed out “approximately” Dec. 21, according to Joseph Tabacco, one of the attorneys involved in the suit. They were previously supposed to come out this month, but it looks like that won’t happen.

Obviously that is the height of the Christmas season, when many jewelers are too busy even to do something that will net them money, but Tabacco says the goal is to give class members six months to fill the forms out, so they will likely be due around May 2008. Then the checks should go out later in the year. If you don’t receive the forms in the mail around December 21, they will be available at and on the (for now) bare bones web site the claims administrators have set up.  

Once again, since I’m getting this question pretty regularly, the advice from the attorneys is NOT to use services that will fill out the forms for a fee, since the claim forms are meant to be simple. And, as Cecilia Gardner of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee notes, trade members will have to supply their own numbers regarding their two years of diamond purchases (in the 1994 – March 2006 qualifying period), and no service can find that information for you.

Here is more info, and I’ll have a larger story on this in November JCK …

UPDATE: And here’s the latest from the JVC.

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